April Gardening Tips

April Gardening Tips

Start planting hanging baskets now ( don’t forget slow release fertilisers and water retention granules added to your Composts when planting.)

Clear borders of overwintering weeds and top dress with farmyard manure or fish blood and bone to replenish nutrients lost over winter.

Split established perennials and grasses now and replant in flowering positions.

Apply slug pellets or slug barriers now to newly planted plants.

Repair and reseed established lawns.

Plant out new season herbs.

Continue to plant potatoes garlic and onions.

Plant dahlias if frost has gone and the soil is not wet.

Plant lilies and begonia tubers now.

Stake or support tall growing plants. (We have a large selection of supports at the garden centre.)

Re pot citrus plants now and feed regularly.

Sow hardy annuals for example poppies cornflowers Nigella Calendulas a good selection available in the new season seeds available now.

Spray existing Roses for black spot and mulch well below the plants to prevent any problems later on. (We have a large selection of fungicides available.)
Feed your established lawns with a spring fertiliser or use a 4 in 1 combination for example.

Evergreen complete this feeds weeds mosskills and includes a water smart agent (see special offers at the garden centre).

Tip when the moss turns black rake out with a lawn rake and remove old thatch. Take a garden fork and spike the lawn all over and apply a lawn dressing to improve the lawns appearance all summer special offers available at the garden centre.

Plant out rhubarb plants or crowns available now.

New season gooseberries now in.

Sow edible flowers for example dianthus heartsease chives marigolds nasturtiums all ideal for cocktails and summer salads.

Use mosskillers on pathways we have a new range of products called Job Done see in store.

Continue to weedkill weeds on patios and borders ask advise in the garden centre.

Continue to plant soft fruit and fruit trees.

Plant hedging and evergreen shrubs ( don’t forget planting Composts and fish blood and bone this gives them a good start to the seasons growth.

Plant out cabbages and new season vegetable plants.

Put up codling moth traps now to prevent problems on apples and plum trees advise on products available at the garden centre.

Use greenhouse fumigators now to clear old winter pests from your greenhouse.

Sow vegetables beetroot lettuce radish carrots spinach rocket now.

Warm up growbags in your greenhouse now ready for planting tomatoes cucumbers and peppers. In the next few weeks.

Cut back hydrangeas and top dress with Ericaceous compost. Tip if your blue hydrangeas are turning pink water a hydrangea colourant to the soil to bring back the colour.

Apply Rose food to newly planted roses and existing beds of roses.