August Gardening Tips

August Gardening Tips

Continue to plant climbing plants if you can dig the ground if not why not invest in a container to give vertical colour on the patio.

Apply weedkillers to paths and patios.

Mulch borders with bark chippings to retain moisture.

Continue to spray for aphids Blackfly on runner beans use a contact spray if beans are ready to eat advise available at the garden centre.

Cut Gladioli for indoors watch out for Gladioli thrips spray with a systemic Insecticide advise available on products at the garden centre.

Plant Spring bulbs towards the end of the month if not too dry e.g. Daffodils, Crocus, Tulips etc.

On hot days top up ponds, bird baths, and water features.

Sow Parsley seed under glass for winter use.

Take cuttings of Escallonia Advise at the garden centre with rooting powders and compost.

Pick early Apples and Pears.

Protect Raspberries from wasps and birds Netting and wasp traps available now.

Sow Spring Cabbages, Winter Lettuces, Brussell Sprouts, and Autumn Onions available at the end of the month.

Plant Hardy Fuchsias.

Continue to water and feed all containers with a good potash feed e.g. Tomorite.

Don’t forget the bugs in the summer evenings lots of citronella products available.

Water and feed Newley planted hedges we recommend a good seaweed feed with iron on existing laurel hedges if leaves are yellowing.

If going away lift all hanging baskets down put with containers in the shade water well before leaving to conserve the moisture and prevent drying out if away long periods of time maybe invest in a automatic watering system advise available at the garden centre.

Trim back Lavender flowers when they have finished flowering and feed well.

If tomatoes are not ripening take of bottom leaves to allow light to get to them.

If the garden has a few gaps maybe infill with a few large perennials e.g. Echinacea and Anemones for long autumn colour.

If the compost on your pots is pale and dusty this needs water, water in the evening to prevent evaporation.

Don’t forget entertaining outdoors the evenings get chilly why not invest in a fire pit to keep warm on a summers evenings we have a large selection now on half price.

Spruce up garden fences, sheds and arbours choose a Cuprinol shades colour from our selection in the garden centre go wild with colour in the garden.