How to Make the Perfect Hanging Basket

How to Make the Perfect Hanging Basket

There are three main plant types for a hanging basket.

  1. The DOT plant.
  2. The HANGING plants.
  3. The FILLER plants.

The Dot Plant

Is the main plant placed in the centre of the basket and this is for height and a focal point of the basket. For example, upright Fuchsia, upright Geranium, upright Bizzy Lizzie, Impatiens, Agryanthemum, or upright Daisy.

The Hanging Plants

Are the plants that are planted around the edge of the basket to trail down. For example trailing Fuchsia, trailing Ivy leaf Geranium, trailing Begonia, trailing Petunia, Surfinia, Million bells, or trailing Lobelia to name just a few.

The Filler Plants

Are the plants that are planted between the dot and the hanging plants. These cover the compost and soften the edges of the hanging basket. For example Marigolds, Bush Lobelia, Bizzy Lizzies and Bush Verbenas to name just a few.

These are just a few varieties of plants, but we have many to choose from and advice is always available from our staff at the nursery.

When planting, do not forget to add a good water retention compost and slow release feed.

There are many combinations of colours to choose from, but we have a few suggestions below:

  1. Red and yellow: Creates dramatic impact against the green foliage. A warm and fiery display that is a real show stopper.
  2. All white with green foliage: A clean and simple classic for the traditionalists.
  3. Pink and shades of Lilac with a hint of white: Pastel combinations for a very feminine display.
  4. Purple and Yellow: Opposite ends of the colour scale for a bold and statement piece.
  5. Blue and White: Ideal for creating a cool mood and can see you through to early autumn.
  6. Red, White and Blue: For the Royalist or patriotic gardener. The perfect way to celebrate the Royal Wedding or this years World Cup.
  7. Self Colours: Pick your favourite colour to suit your personality. Match different shades of it to create a bold statement at the entrance of your door.
  8. Multicolour: More is more. Mix colours, shapes and sizes and create an eclectic mix of all your favourite plants.