March Gardening Tips

March Gardening Tips

Cut back last years growth on grasses and perennials to make way for new growth this year.

Apply Rose fertiliser to new or existing plants. Arriving soon new season Roses ready to plant now.

Deadhead early flowering daffodils and let foliage die down naturally.

Start  dahlias in pots now keep frost free . Plant out end of April.

Divide summer flowering perennials and plant in new positions in the garden ready for flowering in the summer.

Cut back hardy fuchsias to promote new growth.

Continue to plant seed potatoes ,onions,shallots, garlic,asparagus,and rhubarb.

Sow vegetables under cover in frames or propagaters. Sow peas, lettuce ,beetroot Lettuce and herbs.

Good selection available at the garden  centre.

Continue to plant containers with spring colour pansies, primroses, and Ivy.

Weed around the base of existing fruit trees top dress with bark to retain moisture. Apply fish blood and bone to promote new growth.

Plant hedging Laurels , Thujas,  and Leylandii conifer hedging. Many varieties of hedging available at the  garden centre. Advise available on what to plant  in any aspect .

Buxus  balls and buxus hedging also available for small edgings.

Sow Wild flower seeds to create a haven for wildlife Bees, Butterflies and beneficial insects all summer.

We have an extensive range available at the garden centre.

Plant Alpines in containers or rockeries . Create a pot of colour all summer we have ready made Containers to take away.

New season hanging basket plants now in stock (protect from frost)

Plant evergreen trees and shrubs now. We have a wide selection of planting composts.

Plant new season fruit trees and soft fruit ( new season stock arriving soon)

Plant out sweet peas we have an extensive range of obelisks for climbing plants.

Put up trellis for newly planted climbers we have an extensive range of willow trellis for that natural look . We have fixed trellis and extending trellis ideal for all areas in the Garden.

Protect cabbages by using cabbage collars available at the garden centre.

Plant strawberries in the garden or in containers . We have an extensive range of containers for sale from plastic to glazed and terracotta something to suit all  gardens.

Apply garden lime to vegetable patches and allotments .

Apply compost generators to compost bins.

Hoe garden beds and allotments to aerate the soil before planting new plants ( we have a large range of Wolf and Wilkinson tools for all garden maintenance.