5 Reasons for Keeping Houseplants in your Home

5 Reasons for Keeping Houseplants in your Home
  1. Houseplants assist in breathing use in bedrooms to keep oxygen flowing at night.
  2. Houseplants help to deter illness. Research shows it decreases colds, sore throats and dry coughs.
  3. Houseplants they clean the air  Plants take the carbon dioxide from the air to produce Oxygen, that humans breath.
  4. Houseplants boost healing, they lower blood pressure and lower ratings of pain, anxiety and fatigue.
  5. Houseplants help you work better. Plants have a dramatic effect being around plants can increase memory. Also they help to improve concentration ideal in the workplace.

We recommend these plants for the above.

  • Peace lily Spathiphyllum
  • Devils Ivy Scindapsus
  • English Ivy Hedera
  • Spider plant Chlorophytum
  • Azalea in Variety
  • Air plants in Variety
  • Succulents in Variety
  • Ferns in Variety