December Gardening Tips

December Gardening Tips

Plant Laurels, Leylandii, Thujas, pyracanthas and other hedging now.

Continue to plant Winter pansies, Heathers, and Hardy Cyclamen  this will brighten up your  front door in containers for Christmas.

Protect tender plants with fleece we have a good selection of fleece bags for  palms And tender large plants.

Dig borders to allow the winter to break down the soil and apply chicken pellets to allow for lost nutrients.

Check paraffin heaters . We sell paraffin for very cold nights in the greenhouse.

Continue to feed the birds . Lots of products including feeders available.

Houseplants need feeding now is a good time to re-pot . We have a good selection of Composts, Feeds, Pot Covers all available in our Houseplant area New ranges in now.

Lots of inspirational ideas in our Houseplant area  go on treat yourself.

Plant Amaryllis bulbs now.

Spray Air plants daily in a centrally heated room.

Cease watering Cacti and Succulents now repot if needed we have a good selection of Cacti and Succulent pot covers.

Continue to rake up leaves and compost.

Looking for something to brighten your front door this Christmas . We have a large selection of half standard plants ideal for containers .

Hollies and Bay trees look exceptionally good  either side of the door dressed and lit up with battery operated lights for that festive feel. (Ask advice at the garden centre)


A few facts about the Holly and the Ivy.

The holly berries are a good nutrition for wild birds during the winter months.

Holly is linked to winter traditions before Christianity druids considered it a sacred plant And wore crowns on their heads.

Henry the VIII wrote a love song for Anne Boleyn (Green groweth the Holly) In Pagan times the Holly was thought to be the male plant and the Ivy the female plant A traditional British carol based on these myths.

The nectar inside the ivy flowers is ideal for bees and butterflies.

The trunks of ivies overwinter many small insects.

Ivy berries carry a very high fat content for wild birds ( especially Thrushes and Blackbirds)