January Gardening Tips

January Gardening Tips

General Tips

Winter wash fruit trees.

Examine dahlia tubers if shrivelled plunge in tepid water to revive. If any tubers have rotted dust with yellow sulphur to protect from disease.

Plan planting of new season bulbs Gladioli and Begonias . New season bulbs arriving soon.

Sow Sweet Peas in a slightly heated greenhouse.

Plan sowing of half hardy annuals (Summer bedding) New season seeds now in stock.

Plant Shallots and Onions if weather is mild.

Plan seed potato planting ( good selection arriving soon at the Garden Centre)

Continue to feed birds large selection of feeders available at the Garden Centre.

Slippy paths apply rock salt . Offers available at the Garden Centre.

Prepare Rose and Shrub borders with soil conditioners and manures.

Sow Broad Beans and Peas New season seeds in stock now.

Plant Label Jargon

Perennial. A plant that lives for many years.

Annual. A plant that completes its whole life cycle in one year germinating from seed and flowering within 12 months.

Biennial. A plant that lives for two years growing leaves in the first year and flowering in the second year.

Hardy. A plant that will survive temperatures below freezing.

Half Hardy. A plant that needs to be frost protected put in a greenhouse porch or windowsill during cold weather.

Tender. A plant that will not survive temperatures below freezing.

Plants to enjoy in January

Skimmia Japonica Varieties

Mahonia in Variety

Hellebores in Variety

Cornus ( Dogwoods) in Variety

Conifers ( Assorted Varieties of textures and colours.)

Galanthus. Snowdrops Eranthis. Winter Aconites all available soon in the green potted.

See many more of our winter interest shrubs at the garden centre.