December Gardening Tips

At the garden centre we have a good selection of winter colour.

Buy your CHRISTMAS TREE we have a vast selection of potted, containerised and freshly cut trees all available now. (We can advise you on the tree for you)

Visit our Christmas Shop for decorations and lights.

Large selection of gifts for the gardener.

A lot of the garden may have gone to sleep,to keep the garden alive invite colour, foliage and berries into borders and containers.

  • Prune fruit trees but not Plums or Cherries (stone fruit) they prefer a summer prune.
  • Prune Roses especially climbers.
  • Put out bird feeders and keep topped up ( see our new range at the garden centre).
  • Leave Hydrangea flowers on the plant this will protect from frost, and allow the buds below to develop.
  • If your Roses suffered with blackspot this year clean all leaves away from the base of the plant to prevent infection next year.
  • Start to prepare borders for next year, top dress with farmyard manure.
  • Apply grease bands to fruit trees.
  • Insulate outdoor taps.
  • Spike the lawn with a garden fork to aerate and prevent moss.
  • Clean patios with patio cleaners.
  • Fleece tender plants.
  • Sow Broad Beans,Onions, Garlic, Winter hardy lettuce.
  • Mulch newly planted borders.
  • Plant Amaryllis (good selection for sale in the garden centre).
  • Lift Dahlias for winter protection.